Our Vision

What is the Recovery Bank?

The Recovery Bank is a peer-driven recovery support center for persons who have experienced addiction to alcohol or drugs…and their loved ones. With a focus on helping each other live life to the fullest, our volunteer partnerships and quality programming help us all make positive change.

Our welcoming and nurturing center serves all who are focused on moving forward in life – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. It is here where lost abilities are found, new interests discovered and goals realized. We are not a treatment center. Nor are we focused on solely on addiction. Our primary purpose is to support and enhance recovery.

What is Peer-Driven Recovery Support?

Positive change begins by building strong relationships between persons in recovery and peers who have similar lived experience. Our Certified Recovery Specialist Staff help navigate with, advocate for and support our participants. Our volunteer partners and program specialists are in recovery themselves and instill hope by modeling stable recovery and sharing strategies for success.